Welcome to Avacuppa's Fresh Roasted Coffee Store

About Avacuppa's Fresh Roasted Coffee Store

Avacuppa is dedicated to selling only the best quality fresh roasted coffee.

To ensure freshness, we only roast to order.

 With roasted coffee orders of 5 kilos and over,  we could roast the coffee to your specifications. You can choose the degree of roast (light, medium or dark) and the bean composition (Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indonesian, etc.) of your blend. This is ideal for cafe owners who wanted to create their own signature blend.

 Orders can be made through our online store www.avacuppa.com.au  and delivery is free anywhere in Australia for orders of $55.00 and over. Roasted coffee comes in 500 grams to 1 kg aluminium foil bag with one-way valve to keep the freshness of the coffee longer.

We buy our raw coffee beans from Australian importers who shares the same principles and ethics as us. The coffees farmers get the best possible price for good quality beans. As a result we pay at or ,most of the time, above fair-trade prices, which encourages the farmer to improve the quality of their beans.

We offer certified fair-trade and organic coffees. In reality, all our coffees are organic, however, the certification process costs money which the farmers would rather put to more essential needs.

Avacuppa is the Australian distributor for Gene Cafe home coffee roaster. Gene Cafe comes with one-year warranty which covers parts and labour. You would find more information about Gene Cafe in our website.


All suggestions and/or comments are welcome so don't hesitate to contact us at

ronald@avacuppa.com.au, call us on 0422154250

or visit our website www.avacuppa.com.au