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Gene Cafe Roaster

Gene Café coffee roaster is easy to operate.

Roasting operation involves the use of two knob controls only, Temperature and Time.

Temperature and time can be increased and decreased during operation which gives roasters total control during roasting.


Why roast your own coffee?

  • Coffee roasting is easy.
  • The reward of fresh coffee.
  • Coffee to suit your taste (from light-roasted to dark-roasted).
  • Discover the wide selection of raw coffee beans not readily available in the roasted-coffee market.
  • Discover the fun of coffee blending Thanks to the innovative off-axis rotation, now you can evenly roast from 50-300g of raw green coffee beans.



  • Innovative off-axis rotation.
  • Convective (hot air) agitation of roasting beans · 50g to 300g raw green beans capacity.
  • Time and temperature preset.
  • Viewable glass chamber.
  • Australian electrical safety standard approved.
  • Compact size and 5.5 kg weight makes Gene Cafe portable.

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  1. Gene Cafe with large chaff collector

    Gene Café Coffee Bean Roaster CBR-101


    The Gene Café Coffee Bean Roaster can roast 50 to 300 grams of raw coffee beans and would be a perfect companion for the home espresso machines. Learn More

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